Sidjé  - 33 years old - Bordeaux


Coach State Diploma


Mother- Athlete - Jammer Derby


Myprotein® ambassador


Revele® athlete


I always been passionate about sport. I have seen my body change, and the more you age, the more your body changes.

As a young girl, I was very thin, and I wanted to be thicker.

Over the years, and after giving birth to my daughter Luna , I put sport and my first loves aside :

dance, ice-skatting and volley-ball...

In 2014 I discovered roller derby, which made me like sport again. I decided to make my passion a job, by graduating from sport coaching.

During my year of formation, I discovered bodybuilding : in 4 monts, I managed to loose more than 15 kilogrammes of fat and in 2016, I became France's Natural Bodybuilding champion (Athletic category of + 1.62)

This is how I showed that evertyhing is possible ! You just have to provide yourself with the means to succeed and to believe in yourself.



In march 2017, I went through many ordeals, and one almost took my life away.


Forced to start from zero, I realized how many difficulties one can encounter to get one's body back.


Today, following your many requets, I decided to create my own FLAT TUMMY GUIDE for those who want to get or get back a flat tummy - and loose the small fat ring under the belly -.


This E book is based on my experience to help all the persons who want to regain control over their life.

"Because I went there and the sport allowed me to blossom and become aigai the one I've always been

I will be there to help motivate you the best I can and give you the tools to get your life back on track

You can do it, do anything to make it happen

Start now, i'll be here to help you"


Suit - moi !
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